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Subject Vision

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith, Canadian psycholinguist

Language learning is an asset for future studies and job opportunities and will of course help you communicate with others, but also understand other cultures and your own better. 
It also has great benefits for your brain: memory improvement, longer attention span, and a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline, are just a few of the known positive effects of speaking two or more languages.

Therefore, we believe learning a language is important to develop well-rounded students.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Statement

Our aims include:

  • enabling our students to use foreign languages effectively for practical communication
  • enabling all students to achieve their full potential
  • enabling our students to understand the structure of languages and how they work.
  • creating an environment where our students enjoy learning a foreign language.
  • promoting awareness and understanding of different culture.

In French lessons, students learn key phonics from the start of Year 7 and the sounds and written language correlation is reinforced in every unit of work. Students start their French learning journey at Ivanhoe College by introducing themselves in the present tense, give opinions and describe themselves and others. This allows students to learn key grammatical concepts such as the gender of nouns, using adjectives and some basic verb conjugation. This knowledge is essential in order to be able to access the Year 8 and 9 curricula, where students learn to describe events in the past and future as well as complex structures.

Students can opt to learn German or Spanish in Year 9 as an option, alongside French, or opt for extra French lessons. In German and Spanish, they start with basics to build from such as phonics, introductions and descriptions.

At Ivanhoe College, in languages lessons, students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to express themselves and respond with confidence. Students also focus on language learning skills which will help them to learn other languages in the future. They also develop awareness and understanding of other countries and cultures. For instance, students learn about Christmas celebrations in France, Spain or Germany, monuments to visit in French , Spanish or German-speaking countries, discuss French-speaking music and German or Spanish artists to name a few.


Year 7 Topics




Introducing myself

Describing myself and others

Talking about school

Discussing hobbies and Sports


Year 8 Topics




Talking about my family and friends and getting on.
Imagining or describing a visit to Paris

Continuing the visit to Paris

Talking about my home

Discussing and ordering food and drinks


Year 9




French: Discussing my relationships with my family and friends 
Talking about social media and technology

German and Spanish:
Introducing myself
Talking about my family.
Describing myself and others. 

French: Discussing social media and technology: pros and cons

Introducing my hobbies: tv, cinema and music


German and Spanish:

Talking about school.

Discussing hobbies.

French: Discussing my hobbies in detail.

Talking about healthy habits and fitness: food and drinks, sports and exercising.


German and Spanish:

Continuing talking about leisure activities.

Describing my house and home area. 



Here are also some useful websites: ( The College pays for an annual subscription- ask your teacher for details)



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